Mr Ian Cummins, an Australian national, is the Chairman of Starfish Enterprises Ltd (SEL), based in Hong Kong. He is also Chairman of I.C.E. (Ian Cummins Enterprises), a wholly owned subsidiary of SEL, which produces machines in a rented warehouse in the Philippines.


Mr Cummins claims to have tens of approved patents covering his supposedly groundbreaking water purification technology. These patents are owned by Snapdragon Investments Ltd, another Hong Kong company, and are licensed on an exclusive basis to SEL.   He has said that he “died” for 11 minutes and, when he “came back from the dead”, his brain was “born again’’, allowing him to “see the light” and invent revolutionary processes to clean water so as to make it drinkable.   However, the concepts used in his technology – advanced oxidation through UV and ozone combined – are by no means new, as any interested party can see through a simple web search.

Mr Paul Conlon was Mr Cummins’ CEO in the Angeles City-based Starfish enterprise. He was found hanged on 29th January 2013, and the ‘suicide’ note found on his computer, for which Mr Cummins was left the passwords. (This information from Mr Cummins.)

Mr Colin Watson replaced the late Mr Conlon, having been recruited locally in Angeles City. His employment lasted less than 2 months, fired but alive.

Mr Jay Singh and Mr Raj Boora, both of British nationality, are now running the company. It is unknown what their previous qualifications are or from where they appeared.

The head office in Hong Kong consists of a PO Box, from which previous communications to the company requesting repayment of funds went unanswered. The company narrowly escaped liquidation in early 2013 due to a civil claim for repayment of debts. In at least 3 cases, investors/licensees in the company are seeking to recover their money as they feel they invested in the company on the basis of false information and false promises concerning SEL’s technology and abilities.There are more court cases looming in Hong Kong.

Mr Cummins is no stranger to corporate bankruptcy (link toCourier Mail Cumminscorp article) It should be noted that the “revolutionary” fish farming technology he sold to investors has not been able to be commercially developed after the company failed.

This website is online as a cautionary tale for anyone considering investing in Starfish Enterprises Ltd.

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