Starfish Update 2016

Ian Cummins has recently put up a website that denies some of the claims in our
history with him – an “open letter” to me personally. Here is the link:

He fails to address our core complaint – Mr Cummins personally promised us that he
could and would produce a seawater treatment unit using his technology
within 3 months of our payments. We were shown “lab tests” that proved he could do this.
Starfish was unable to meet this promise.

We “invested” US$260,000 in his company based on his promise and our belief in
him. We requested repayment of our funds in July 2013 as they were unable to
provide any evidence they were capable of producing a seawater unit. To date –
3 years later – we have received payments totaling US$50,000 and our emails
have not been answered since November 2014. The final email was a further
promise of payment, but we have received no further payments as of July 2016.

It may indeed be possible that Mr Cummins can create a successful company in the future using his technology, but after 8 years in operation this has not yet happened.

Keeping with the spirit of an open letter, I reply to Mr Cummins that we are ready to remove our website as soon as our remaining funds (US$210,000) are returned to us.
You have our account number.

John Matheson

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